New Internships will launch March 2022, check out our past internships below

Internships for Summer 2022 are now closed, if you are interested in an Internship for Fall 2022 please email

About the Program

Partridge Creek Farm Intern Program

Partridge Creek Farm is a progressive organization like few others in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Our goal is to improve local access to fresh produce, build a healthy community, and promote education on sustainability through food production and food waste decomposition systems. Our Summer Internship Program helps us meet these goals by providing students the opportunity to learn hands-on sustainable farming techniques and perform research in their field of interest.

  • Interns typically earn School Credit
  • 24 hours/week; 13-week block between May and August
  • Non-paid, but a $500 stipend is provided to cover transportation costs

We offer two general categories of internships: Farm and Administration. Most of our openings are for Farm interns. Farm interns take on specific research projects alongside the daily activity of farming such as planting, watering, weeding, harvesting, washing, packing vegetables, and selling them at the Marquette Farmers Market. Administration interns support our farm by maintaining our geographic information system and coordinating media outreach. In general, administrative interns are exempt from hands-on farming, but the expectation is that they lend support when needed.

Farm Internships
Administration Internships

Current Intership Positions


Local Food Initiative Coordinator

Partridge Creek Farm (PCF) is seeking an intern to help design and manage a system for collecting data and evaluating the impact of PCF’s Local Food Initiative.


Compost Management/Analyst

This internship is an opportunity to help develop a unique composting project that should have a positive environmental impact in the Upper Peninsula. The skills developed working with composting will be valuable in a modern, sustainable economy and ecosystem.


GIS Analyst

Partridge Creek Farm (PCF) is seeking a GIS intern to design and manage the ArcGIS geodatabase and create products for marketing. You’ll need your own computer with ArcGIS installed.


Media Coordinator

Partridge Creek Farm (PCF) is seeking an intern to develop and manage their social media
platforms and other forms of social outreach.


Soil Nutrient Analyst

Partridge Creek Farm (PCF) is seeking an intern to conduct soil tests of their garden plots. Interns will perform a soil nutrient analysis, and work with an analysis team as part of a larger soil quality evaluation.


Soil Tilth Analyst

Interns will preform a soil aggregate (tilth) evaluation of water retention/saturation, density, and visual soil inspections as part of a larger soil quality evaluation project preformed by a small team of interns.