Compost Management/Analyst


Partridge Creek Farm (PCF) is seeking an intern to conduct tests on and help manage the PCF compost sites. This internship is an opportunity to help develop a unique composting project that should have a positive environmental impact in the Upper Peninsula. As the economy begins to shift its focus toward agricultural sustainability, the skills developed working with composting will be valuable in a modern, sustainable economy and ecosystem.


  1. Field testing of vermicompost application rates and the effects displayed by various crops.
  2. Controlled tests of the nutrient levels present in PCF compost at varying stages of decomposition.
  3. Develop vermicompost teas and analyze the nutrient/microbial levels.
  4. Experiment with production using bokashi and/or biochar.
  5. Study worm population and reproduction within different environments throughout the compost.


Students interested in the compost management internship must have a valid driver’s license. Additionally, the compost management applicant must be capable of lifting at least 50lbs and comfortable driving pickup trucks, operating tractors with loader and manual transmission, working in bad weather, shoveling and forking manure/snow, visiting livestock farms, backing up trailers, performing basic equipment maintenance, using power tools, leading crews, keeping detailed notes, and collaborating with other farm projects. 

Other administrative/indoor duties may include communicating with compost pickup locations, recruiting volunteers, assisting with farm-to school tasks, compost marketing, long term upkeep planning, and budgets/grant writing. 

Additional Information

If interested, contact Aaren Joki:;
(906) 204-9296

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