GIS Analyst Intership


Partridge Creek Farm (PCF) is seeking a GIS intern to design and manage the ArcGIS geodatabase and create products for marketing.


  1. Design and build an ArcGIS geodatabase capable of tracking all aspects of bed and crop activity such as soil chemistry, soil treatment history, crop type and source, planting date, and so on… 
  2. Create products for managing and marketing PCF.  The primary product would be online maps of crop status for farm management.  The scope and variety of secondary products are enormous. 
  3. Work with staff and volunteers to create databases and products that are useful to them and can be easily replicated each growing season.
  4.  Work with other interns to capture their research for further analysis.


You won’t be starting from scratch – a useful prototype database was built by an NMU intern in 2018.  You can view the map of this prototype at (note that there are a few issues with the map due to lack of maintenance).

You’ll be working with ArcGIS 10.x and ArcGIS Pro.  Dale Honeycutt, a pioneer in GIS technology, will be your mentor.  Dale has 40+ years of experience with GIS and spatial analysis and worked for ESRI (developer of ArcGIS) for over 30 years.  He was the senior developer of ESRI’s network analysis software and a key member of the analysis and geoprocessing team.

Additional Information

You’ll need your own computer with ArcGIS installed. 

You must have good working knowledge of ArcGIS – to create and edit geodatabases and publish maps to ArcGIS online.  You should have basic knowledge of geoprocessing and ModelBuilder as these are key to automating rote processes.  Knowledge of Python would be helpful.  Skill in map composition and symbology would be most welcome.

With regards to PCFs database, the core unit of information is a 12ft by 6ft bed.  Each bed typically has one crop, but mixed crops are possible.  There may be several plantings per bed per season. Beds are distributed across six sites, but this year PCF will be building beds for individuals on their properties as part of our local food initiative.  One idea is to include these individuals in PCFs database to better measure crop suitability and best practices.

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