5th Grade Student Farm Stand

In the fall Ishpeming Middle School 5th Graders hold a Student Farm Stand in the PCF Middle School Garden as part of their Farm to School program.

The Farm Stand is not only a fun day spent outdoors in the garden for students, but also a lesson in learning how to manage and run a business. Students create business and marketing plans leading up to the farm stand date. They create marketing materials like posters, jingles, and flyers and create competitive pricing models for their stands.

The group that ultimately makes the most money from selling the produce they have grown, picks a few options of things that they would like to add to the PCF  Middle School Garden. All the students who take part vote for the suggested improvements and and the money raised is use to purchase the winning suggestion, improving  the garden for the students who come after them. This year we are grateful to UPPCO who sponsored the Farm Stand.


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